The Moon Takes the Heart

There are nights when the moon takes over one’s heart
and makes her home in the bed of emotions
and makes one fall in love with the shimmer she spreads,
and helps one dream into the darkness.

The moon took my heart tonight,
its grandness lays inside my chest.
She brought the night stars and clouds with her
and the darkness of this December night.

Her visit to me brings great happiness;
she carries hope in her silver light
and the stars radiate fortune and joy
and the clouds hug the warmth of love.

But somehow her occupation of my heart
is painful to me, to my body;
she creates a sadness and a longing,
a burning desire to love in my chest.

And somehow the clouds make me suffer,
they sing love songs sweetly into my ears
but I have no one to love, they sing
reopening an old wound I am trying to cure.

And somehow the darkness of the night
does not inspire me to dream,
it makes me restless and the night’s cold
sweeps under my blanket and troubles me.

The moon has taken my heart tonight
she has brought the stars and the clouds with her,
and my eyes are open to see if I find love
but my hopes are gently stolen by the night’s sweet breeze.


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  1. Wow…you write beautifully. PLEASE keep it up!


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