A planned rash decision

I can’t believe what I am going to do today! I went to sleep thinking of what was to come when I awoke but when my alarm rang this morning I had to think twice to remember that today was the day. Today I fly to another country, I am moving to another place picking up everything that I have and relocating myself somewhere else. When was this decision made, you ask? Well about three months ago I decided that it was time for a change in my life. I needed to find tranquility, peace, a change of routine.

Crazy decision? Maybe, but as crazy as it sounds this is not the first time I make this decision. When I was 19 I decided to take a three-month vacation to visit my family in Puerto Rico. The moment I got to the island I knew that my stay there would exceed the three months I had said I’d stay. As I traveled at night to get to my grandparents home in th mountains and I smelled the fresh virgin mountain air and the cool of the night curled through my hair I decided that I would give myself three months to decide if I would stay in this enchanted place with nothing but my three month-packed luggage or go back to the safety of my home and family.

The decision was a hard one, there were so many things to consider, so many things to gain, so many others to lose. But I had already been enchanted by the magic of that island and by the end of the three months the flight I was supposed to take back to Orlando left without me and I stayed. Crazy? No, I had no job, no money, and very little opportunities to find a job, but I was in a place where I was happy.

So that you can understand me better let me paint the picture. In this place I am surrounded by mountains, our house is on the top of one so from up there we look down and see the rivers, the valleys, and the other mountains in the far horizon. My grandparents live in a rural area very isolated form the major cities and towns. My grandfather owns lands and he has coffee and banana plantations, the nearest neighbor is about half a mile away from us! Compare that to flat, busy, industrial Orlando. Every morning I would drink freshly brewed coffee that we grow at home and let’s not talk about my grandmothers cooking. Mmmmm… Now do you understand? Sorry back to the topic on hand.

Three years after this I had to come back to Orlando, I had gone long enough without a job and was exhausted of handing out resumes without any results. So with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes I boarded a plane back to Orlando. I found a job that I loved as an Administrative Assistant in a small company and I advanced until I had overgrown the company and got tired of the lack of professionalism and integrity within the company. So I quit and a week later found the job I have now wich I love very much too. My boss loves me and she has given me the opportunity to keep working for her in Puerto Rico through remote access.

Now I am on the plane back to the land that I love, back to my peace, to my happy place. I hope in God that everything works out well and I can have the life that I really want to live with my family. I just can’t wait for this plane to land and I start smelling the fresh air and my dreams start to come back to life. For now me, the clouds keep me hopeful and give me their company up here in the sky.


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    very nice and a different font


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